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This Lift Axle Control Module is designed to provide rapid deployment and retraction of light-duty to heavy-duty liftable axles. It includes a manual operator, a solenoid operator, a pressure regulator for ride control, a switch to change from normally up to normally down, a regenerative circuit for protection against bag collapse, an internal check for solenoid supply to protect against dithering and an output for service brake isolation.

This module is rated to minus 40 degrees C., has been tested to millions of cycles and exposed to a minimum of 500 hours salt fog.

This panel mounted in-cab control air kit includes a high flow control valve with integral regulator for ride control and a manual push/pull operator.  A solenoid operator may be connected to reverse sensing to automatically override the down position for easier maneuvering.  Porting is color coded for ease-of- installation.

Although designed for in-cab installation, this module is also rated to minus 40 C.


This suspension control system comprises a high flow 3/2 push/pull valve with detent allowing flow from the height control valve to the suspension system while an integrated gauge monitors actual pressure.  When actuated, the valve can immediately dump suspension pressure to stabilize the vehicle.  An optional reset air pilot operator is available to automatically refill the suspension when the parking brakes are released.


This Tailgate Latch Control, specifically designed for the Dump Body and Dump Trailer Industry, integrates a double acting air cylinder with a 5/2 solenoid operated valve to eliminate fitting connections and provides a low profile and compact mounting envelope. Construction includes anodized aluminum and stainless steel tie rods and piston rod for corrosion resistance even against road salts. Seals and lubricants are rated to minus 40 degrees C.


This Fuel Tanker Control Module provides individual delivery control of tank compartments AND includes a “master valve” that must be actuated before any individual controls can be.  Additionally, it provides for an emergency input signal that will reset all valves including the master.  This input can also be used as an interlock with the parking brake circuit.

These units are available in various multiples of 5/2 valve configurations and are rated to minus 40 C.


Also  available are a wide variety of specialist products specifically designed for the Truck & Trailer Industry. These include 5/2, 3/2 and 2/2 functions, integrated regulator with transport rated solenoids, air pilots, manual push/pull and levers offering any combination.  Solenoid coils are warranted against burnout for the life of the valve.